Saturday, April 30, 2011

All of the LIGHTS.

I`m the type of pers; being told how bubbly I am- All the time.
I`m the type of pers; If a loved one needs a helpful hand, Il be there. No if's No but's.
I`m the type of pers; who loves a fabou` story- Sitting there after a familia event - asking my mother, sisters to tell me. Friends mishaps, Hero like moments etc.
I`m the type of pers; I could easily live on a Secluded Island w/ a fish rod, Sprite Zero, Ipod & Art Prod`
I`m the type of pers; Who puts in all my energy to things I adore, My fam, My dreams & inspirations.
I`m the type of pers; Who is always playing w/ there phone, headphones or talking - at least one.
I`m the type of pers; So over protective of my loved ones.. majorly
I`m the type of pers; Wont think before I (re)act
I`m the type of pers; But will always apoligize for the wrong doing
I`m the type of pers; Easily forgets but never forgives? Should be the reverse.
I`m the type of pers; Cant get over things like others
I`m the type of pers; I dont like change
I`m the type of pers; With an extreme love for beauty products (:
I`m the type of pers; Making my dreams come true.

So I broke my vow of promise- No more shopping from now on..

But I have a few new goals to achieve- short term ofcourse.
Keeping it all hush hush (:

I think thats about it. Just words on a blog.

P.s Had a amaze chat for like 4 hrs w. my bestf mamma last night about all life and its obstacles - love seeing others perspective on life.

Toodles x,
Its been a little while since I felt my heart skip a beat.
Time to start some new memories. x

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ihy fix.

Tonight; was fabou`

Thoughts, always new thoughts

- great smiles made me extremely happy Tonight, seeing one of my bestfr smile like that; honestly don`t think I have ever seen him smile like that..
How good is it to see someone you Love be so smitten or etc.

Thats just tonights lil wooo wooo

When was my last post... Been Lazy.

What have I been up to.

Usual work,
Went to my fave VIC escape- Lakes Entrance ; I am inlove with that place!
- I have turned into such a boy... Fishing, Sports .. its pretty funny as im known for my craze makeup collections, extreme eyelash's, clothing investments.. (: Nice change it is

Caught some nice fish.. but I actually shit myself- hence the reason I snapped a rod trying to "check it" yeah.. in the shop.. hence the reason I wouldnt reel in a big mofo

Ps never ever ever going fishing with girls again.. Yes I know I'm a chick - BUT Im too impatient to wait for makeup, hair, fuck arounds. I think I got my karma to what I did to someone else.. lol Won 1800 by literal fluke!

Overall otay trip, Next time stay with the boys.

My lil sidekick Nephew came to chill with ciocia ihy; Ofcourse he got spoilt to the shizz- 12 packets of footy cards is apparently overboard.. I dont think so..

Went to his first rugby game- so cute, but he was head doing - lil kids (: but how I love him immense..
Fam day at Luna Park - with my miiiiaaaa! her lil pony tail curly hair.. how i squish her face (: she is actually the cutest thing I have EVER SEEN! her lil jump skip run... cmon.. i squeal..
Funniest mom of the day- mia playing, She clenches her teeth and punches her bro in the face. Me and Pop couldnt stop laughing! ` too much WWE

So yeah- love the crazy fuckin fam!

also not to forget
Alot of shopping. Way way too much.
Banning myself from netshop literally have lost the plot.

EXCITED FOR ... me and shmev's getaway in 29 DAYS. Not telling where (:
he he Lets just see how long I can keep it a secret...

So tonight I was thinking about friendships- You always have those fave people you get excited to see..
These peeps are my bestfriends..
The ones that really matter..
Last year had some massive deeps with someone who will always be someone that no-one can ever replace.
I havent really spoken about this before.. I dont know if I really should.. hm
He changed me for the better and worse.. Cant always win them all..
Never met anyone so remarkable in my life - I could sit and talk and talk and talk about every lil thread in my life vice versa.
I actually know its irreplaceable that bond that was made.
Yes going away, something finally gave me closure from the exhausting head fuck I put myself in.
It was what it was and thats all folks.

Friendships, Relationships have been lost and will never be replaced but keep the memories and the smile on your face.
Negative will only keep you from stepping into something else..

Tonight - made me realize who my time should be spent with- People who make you feel better, try and make you a better person, Make you the person you want to be- "ihy fix" When people say that to me its like saying to someone who likes to be told how amaze they look !

Anyway- I should be sleeping

Wrote down what I may should have not wrote.. but 40 WINKS.

My bestfriend is preggo's
I am so excited for her, am really FUCKING over the negativity placed on it and and very very VERY protective of her.. so if anything else is said- I will make sure I effect you as badly as you effected my lil poss!
(: Yeah boy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just blah!

he's writing his life story in pencil
so the messes he makes can't be traced and all
his regrets can easily be erased.

she's writing hers in pen so she can look
back and say to herself that she'll never
ever make that mistake again.

Most people, don't know who they are,that's why they lie. They're afraid someone else will figure it out before they do.

-One Tree Hill

You aren't going to be you ng forever
jjfjdjfjjdifjvmskfj Its Laugh, make mistakes, but learn from them, fall
in love, stay up all night, go to a party, hang with
friends, smile, don't have any regrets, meet your
future bridesmaids, tell someone off, show your
true feelings, be yourself, don't follow the crowd,
stand up for what you [believe] in, have a boyfriend,
go to the movies, be random, be goofy, go to the
mall, && shop all day, cheer someone up, do what you
love, show people you care, EAT A TUB OF ICE CREAM ,
be happy, don't care what others think of you, sleep in,
believe in yourself, never say never, be proud of who you are,
have a broken heart, It will help you learn that people are going to hurt you,
cry, let go of your worries, be happy with you,
[&& realize that people are going to change]

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have been so slack with this blog- currently.
I apologize for the individuals who are reading and
PS. thank you, thank you & thank you for doing so!

Busy week- I have started a very serious relationship with my job, Who would of thought Miss ihy would be the kind! Well shit has changed for the best - Yes sir!

I have my game plan for the forth coming week and how to make it my BITCH
Also spending decreased
then went a bit crazy this week
? woops. ihy will be ihy.

Swarovski necklace - LOVE
Chanel perfume & earrings
T&CO necklace
Bardot camel cardi, leopard flats, pinstripe shirt
Stussy Tee, 55 Tee
Minkpink leopard ruff dress
& moroc oil - GET ON IT!
-The pink block is my massage table (: imported from NSW (:

Did not blow budget. pffft thats SHIZZ!

I think, my mood is "penetrating" through this submission - kinda random, content & jen happy.

Today`s thoughts were on someone spesh (always will be no matter what). hmmm - Have not felt or even thought of them in a very very very long time.
I think my heart is playing some maze, hide and seek or maybe SNAP!

Speaking to my beautiful dear doll; Sally - is always, well not only amaze, but realistic.
She was there from start to that terra end. Well what was said was so true. Nothing will ever be like that once again- just different in its own fabou` way

On the subject of Sally ;
she is one girl - who not only deserves the ultimate but everything she desires and dreams!
I love her immense!
Yes - she has shown me a-lot in life and I hope one day I can repay the favor of her well-doing and amazing friendship over the last 4 YEARS.

Lil loveheart sesh there (:

Goals for this week;
Actually get up every morning and be at gym by 6am
Save.. no more puckle st on lunch break
No more purchases on ITUNES. d/l music from youtube (:
Make more effort for the people who deserve it and less for the one's who DONT.
See Mia & Niko to deliver there easter presents and just see Mia (:
Go to the rugby and try not to let a lil bit come out... jd you understand (:
Remain Calm (: well try not to JUMP THE GUN (: - try is the keyword.

Right now; I wouldnt change anything.
Everything happens for a reason
Never persisting for anything no more.


(: for once

Signing off dolls, x
Pleasent Saturday

Saturday, March 26, 2011



The day of relax.. Its always my day I plan my week, my microbyte goals, things I need to do etc.

But sometimes these plans cant be done. hmmm
That`s with life too - You sometimes want something so much & it becomes a scribble or even a puzzle... Do you sit there and grieve or just pick up try again or move on

I say - no matter how strong you are - there are some moments in life you fill like you failed.

That`s sounds a lil depressing but I was just thinking - I planned to do a few things in life but it didn`t go to that plan.. I`m just re-evaluating. (:
Sometimes it gets the best of me but only until I find a new game plan..

Head strong is not better than Heart strong- That`s my opinion, if my heart is weak or etc - everything seems harder to complete, establish.

Blah - yuck. Such an emotional creature. Cant change that & don`t think I would want to.

Crazy ihy is gone, well sort of.. fuck with anyone I love and I would hurt you 3xharder than karma would..
I still want to move .. Still weighing up PRO's & CON's - currently Con's are much stronger!
We will see next weekend if it pulls me back in...

Illuminati; is something that I have discovered, thanks to shmevich` - its a very interesting "theory" but I dont think any factual information had ever come out
I laughed at the area 51 convo - I think I hurt shmev's feelings-
I honestly believe its paranoid people with the foil on the windows who come up with this shizz`

(: Anyway off to igloo zoo; This yogurt bar on glenferrie road, Im somewhat addicted to it!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learn from the past, Learn everyday.

TRACK; Our own way - KLAAS

I have not written something in a while, Time to;

People come into your life for a reason to be there, to show you a lesson or ETC.
Sometimes its hard to find that reason hastily - either it is too late or presumptions were made. Mistakes are sometimes repetitive or(&) instincts sometimes are wrong..

Im feeling a bebe-bit disappointed to my 'jumping to conclusion'.. in recent times.
F-ing sucks!

Decisions have been made with less effort or thought.

lil dnm there.

ATM - I would not change a thing in my life, I think just tweeks is better (:

Wakeup call was needed.

Anyway - Im so sick; waah! Blaming 6am gym or Ian & Leanne!
Im looking forward to seeing my lil mia and SK niko (: always always always bring out the shine!
I think my head space is finally becoming back to IHY normality (: inspirational and positive once again..
I was angry for too long.

whatever jee`
(i havent said that in soo long)

40 winks
keep the peace

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you lying?

Evening readettes`

Topic Talk Time

A lie is a lie is a lie but a lie.


the telling of lies; untruthfulness.
telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; mendacious; false: a lying report.

So when someone lies is it-
a) Attention
b) Delusional
c) Mentally Unstable
d) For a specific reason (get there way or get something)
e) All of the above

I think it is; f) Your so incoherent, boasting shizz` & just down right FUCKIN` DUM!
A gf once told me a quote in italian; A lie has short legs, something like that - meaning it will fall over & you will nearly ALWAYS tell the truth - all my accident of-course & sometimes u dont realize.. but ofcourse always noticed.

I really believe - everyone has an instinct if someone is being "Untruthful" true?
Some choose not to go with there gut instinct - but I def do!
I just sense it when someone is being `deceitful` like I wanna say "ARE U SERIOUS"

Just got me thinking how many people lie daily, for satisfaction, benefits, to feel and look good!

Well ever seen Pinocchio?
Maybe watch it (:

Now I know why some peoples noses are so long!
Karma is a mean bitch - 3x3 square root it up!

(: 40 winks lovelettes`

lil bitch sesh

PS. Ash Wednesday ; NO MEAT! (:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exactly How it is.. right now

Believe Again (Tommy Trash REMIX)

Have you ever stared into the rain
Thought the clouds would never disappear
Have you ever screamed out into the dark
Thinking no one else could hear

I was leaving footprints tainted by my past
On this winding road to you

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight I believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now I feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and I believe
I believe again

Have you ever spun out of control
Like you never saw the road ahead
Have you ever just kept looking back
Ever closer to the edge

I was praying for the light I see in your eyes
I had all but given up

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight I believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now I feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and I believe
I believe again

I believe the impossible is possible to overcome
I believe in miracles
Born from love in everyone

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight I believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now I feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and I believe
I believe again


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sometimes they can be controlled & sometimes they most definitely can not be.
I went through some emo mofo bullshit of sensitive ihy for a baby-bit too long..
Didn't want be anywhere but in my big bed..
I have never been like that - Felt broken and all that jazz.

& I know what makes me happy is the inspiration to succeed and reach my goals.
What also inspires me is my lil fami -

Mia & Niko ; ♡

There is something about them, that just gives me this happy positive outlook on life & energy!
No-one else can do that for me..

I love deep and meaningful conversations with my family & friends also - The ones that genuinely feel like they can make a difference to our lives; What I mean is having the chat, gives you this power and you want to take on the world and all this mofo bull`

I learn`t to get up on my own two feet; even stronger than before - achieve the unthinkable and don`t stop at that!

Today was a re-evaluate day for ihy-
New strategies to focus on
& New opportunities comin` at me!

Leaving all the bullshit behind me
No more reminiscing about the naa naa
Looking into the future for whats coming next...

Biggy steps!

Something that picks me up, pushes me and inspires my ;
heart FEAT. mind
is photography & music - combined is just a miracle for me!

Some of my fave melodies`

Save Me (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix) - Shogun & Emma Lock

Runaway - Kayne West ; This guy has been given the worst rep - Original & Gifted - TRUE ARTIST!

Dog Days Are Over - Florence & The Machine

True Love Way - The Kings Of Leon

Can I Inspire?

cheeks, x
ihy (:

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So this was the day I would be excited to be finishing up with work & getting ready for the

W E E K E N D.

But now its just another day for me; How weird! Is it the shitty, drama stirrers, junkies, or shit places to go?
Not too sure but I would rather stay home with good company or do social activities they don`t need consumption of illicit substances..

I resigned from my position ; That was a hard choice!

New journeys
New goals
New inspirations

I was going to stay away from anything heart ETC related but when there is such a good opportunity like someone who ticks all those boxes - How can you resist..
Shit is what I say..

So this is just a random entry - nothing too major
This week - was disgusting
The hospital visits, Doctors, Specialists all of it- was so much stress, anxiety & pretty stressfull

So best news - Im soo much better! Not all there but nearly. baby bit longer!

The best thing - a momento of my adventurous week -

Its so beautiful.
Seriously YUCK!

So relax time this weekend
may see someone baby-bit spesh, see kirstyn for movie & dnm sesh & fishing (:

Have to show you all this V-LOG `shimmy cooco pufff
his hillarious
made me laugh (:
Laughing is the best
The link is :
ceebs waiting for it to upload

so yep (: i think thats it!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend; soak up the melbourne sun!
(: haha

Saturday, February 12, 2011

For the Loved Ones who have passed,

I Don't Like To Hurt But
But Everyone Gets Weak
Someone To Rely On
That's What I Really Need

Now Here We Stay

It's All That Were Worth
I've Been Thru The Pain And Been Dragged Thru
The Dirt Whatever They Tell You Were Bigger Than Words
I've Been Where Your Standing I Know How It Hurts
Let This Be A Song Now And This Be A Day
And We Stand Together That Will Be Okay
Because Were Survivors Were Making It Work
Expecting The Best When They Hope For The Worst

One love - This is the way we found

One love - Even though they'll let you down
One love - Nobody's perfect now
One love - Don't let that hold u down
One love - Let's stick together now
One love - We got to stand our ground
One love - It's easy to believe in.
ONELOVE - Feat. Estelle David Guetta

Lyrics could tell my life story.

I really didn`t know life could be so thrilling & drama-free as my life is right now!
The people I have now, these very rare amazing peeps.. Just feels amaze
The experiences - The challenges - The relationships
I have nothing to complain about but the baby-bit lady sooky stuf`

I now do believe if you surround yourself w/ negative shizz` & negative environments - it becomes apart of you & your existence!

(: Just on a bit of a calm happy buzz ATM..

This year has already been unforgettable already;
Being broken for the very first time.
Re-acquainting with dear friends,
Letting go of the past & all the bad it came with,
Awaiting the future -
Excited by it
My inspirations becoming reality
developing & building these beautiful relationships further
& Living life to the ultimate!
There is always going to be bad days.. but no more holding on them to effect me no more.
I let go & wont let it return.
Only time for myself this year, Still have a bad taste in my mouth.

Yesterday- was a bit emotional watching one of my very dearest amaze gf's wedding DVD
- seeing Kristina's Father who has passed away, one specific time seeing kiki and her tata - that moment will live with me forever in my heart.
- Remembering beautiful Chris Arnost - a song played at the reception ; Silence - was very emotional but I know his still rocking, slap the clap being his happy himself up there
R.I.P Mr Pepdjonovic & Chris Arnost
Cant say much more- I just wish the best for there whole familia; Health, Wealth, Strength, Wisdom, Care & Love!

* kiss the sky

Maybe spending couple days with my kiki has inspired me to write and express my emotions..
Some people just bring the best out in you - she is one of those individuals who has ALWAYS been there but as the right time we found a
F R I E N D S H I P.

(: puuu`

Fishing tonight- try the yob chicken on STkilda pier! (: It is definetly now my favourite activity!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its the start of something exciting..

I should be sleeping, tomorrow is one of those very important make or breaks days..
Pro's & Con's have been set.
Its the gut feeling you follow.. right? Not doubting myself, but I feel confused - boo!
I will write more publicly about the "situation" @ a further date..

Ok so me and kiki have become literally inseparable.. like i`m not joking when I use that word.
morning, brunch, lunch, afternoon evening & night - I seriously would not have it any other way!

So like... Where the fuck have you been all my life Kristina.
Yes yes I know we have been friends for.. 5 years.. but this friendship is something I have never had & always wanted.

Someone as bubbly, outgoing, super dooper & really see's life from my perspective.
Really understand each other.. without any-words or too many ahaha
The characteristics (:
She is my angel- She is my lil soul-friend (: my lil lovelette pitchkuu - My fisherman friend.
Really really really love her, Always have! But our bond is as strong as OLKA POLKA kicking ass in my kitchen rules (:

Everything happens for a reason - This time, That place, There!
Yob Chicken!

Some people take there friends & family for granted - FUCK YOU! Seriously cant wait to see who you end up with throughout your life.
I have respected every single person who has walked into my life(not including- obnoxious, racists, backstabbers, sluts or junkies. - I will treat you how you should be treated (: like your really baby-bit (:)- until they have either showed me they are not what they seem or are treating others differently..

Its true - If you can count your real friends; (means- who will always be there, never doubt you, support you, love who you are & feel that wushy wushy wush- make you happy and find strength for one another (: ) on one hand - your truly lucky..

This wasn`t my perception at all - Things have changed & I love this new thinking (:

P.S I miss my niece & nephew extremely- words cannot express how much they mean to me!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just because;

Mood; Satisfied, Energized & just a baby bit Sore.
Listening; Happiness - Alexis Jordan
Highlights; Yesterdays 24 hours!

I love waking, with no worries.

Yesterday was a fab day!
I saw my darling Kristina for the first time in forever! D&M was very necessary ; Speaking about the past few years- A boyfriend who became a husband, friends who became an enemy & all the pasts memoirs`

Also seeing Sally;
Someone I look up to & have for a long time. A beautiful, matured, well educated lady - she is caring, genuine & just A+ to be quite honest.
Always the best and honest advice/great friendship - Like I really love her!
She is someone everyone wished they had a friend like.

Our journey to the S.E - the anticipation to the 1000 steps. To be quite honest - I thought it would be easy shizz` - How I was wrong; Stopped I think about 10 times - up this Mountain!
800 metres to the base of the steps.. That hurt! The steps even worse! If it wasn`t for Sal
- No way! would have I completed it!
Next week - My goal is to complete it twice, & by May - as Sally has quoted "make it my bitch"

I had a very rad day on Saturday! Even the heart felt nice & mooshy. baby bit steps.


Bringing up Friends who just turn - always open a wound from the past for many.
I see it as ; If you let it effect you- they pretty much just won that moment in your life;
You live once.
But! Sometimes the scar is so deep its repercussions will always be remembered.
It seems the more you were connected, loved, ETC with this person - it hurts more (for some.)

I really use to be like this - let these negative, inadequate individuals "Effect" me.

What doesn`t kill you makes you stronger, now.

Maybe I been through so many shitty people, I am immune to reject them before its too late.

Something that really really frustrates me is ; Double Standards - Someone says something to you (e.g thats bad) & they end up doing it anyway.
if you don`t like someone, or sit there repeatedly saying how bad they are for you - & then your whole life revolves around them - WTF?

I`m not preaching that I`m some perfect person- nothing f-ing close, everyone makes mistakes-
but maybe once you have made it- dont do it again? Just maybe?

I use to HATE change; and now its my besty - discovering myself, receiving positive criticism from my loved ones and making my life better is all I want.

I did let go of a few friends, acquaintances in my life who were ; fun, made me laugh, always a good times - but not because they are bad people, but for there actions towards maybe not me but others and there actions - People change & sometimes its not right no more.

I still really believe ;
Everything happens for a reason.

I am a happy person, sometimes a baby bit emotional - but feeling more stable now-
I know what I want to achieve.
I know what I am going to be.
I know Who I am.
No more effects, defects and negative, well anything that makes me loose concentration.

Everything in my past has made me what I am today.
Good, Bad & Ugly.

Aint` nothing going to break my MOFO stride.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

21st of January; inspired by Ange x,


Free Smileys


(It looks alot darker in the photo) will take more in time..

Just spoke to a dear old friend;
who somewhat made me realise more about life

I love those talks - that inspire you to do things, even just smile..

Ange - Thank-you
Just a baby-bit of a cut,copy,paste conversation

[Mc Kantouchdis]
[Mc Kantouchdis]
and always be positive,talk about people in a positive way
and if u dont have something nice to say
dont say it unless u really need to
dont waste ur time effort on ur enimies
they always want somekind of attention
always bethe BETTER PERSON
im still speechless
i have no idea what to say
but yes yes yes
[Mc Kantouchdis]
and you will feel great, you will draw in happiness
Because only you can make yourself happy....
like i said never reply on other people
for anything

Thats a friend, who will pick you up - when your in gutter, they will lay with you and show you the stars

Thank-you again Ange

In this world; a lot is taken advantage of.
Don`t do something if ONLY there is something in it for you; be human do it- just because..

This week

2 NEW INK to the family ; 11 11 & Jessihy

Business Cards

Contemplating (my first) Brand-new meep meep

My 26th January Wednesday (maybe Thursday) detox - Very Scary;
Dislike my nutritionist, but for last week i love u but this week il see

Save Save Save

See as many of my devoted loving adoring beautiful friends.
Plans w. sally, nate, cory, tara, kiki, ange & abi - i will NOT break them

Last week
Was a learning, discovering, refreshing week

I saw MR Evan - he seems to always brighten my day- his a good night-light. Always will be

Found myself in lovelette conversations w. Ivan - always nice; such a Gentleman

Realized My Mother really did feel my pain & also my anger- I think she was angrier - Thanks mamma x mybestfriend

& also Found myself again.. nearly nearly -

I`m going to make my dreams, reality.

Someone I miss immensley;
MIA - boo! Your the best! I hope you read this when your old enough (:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 & TO-DO

Mood- Muscle strain but energized (:
Listening- The Kings of Leon - The Bucket
Todays Highlights - ZUMBA
3 way convo w/ step dad & mamma nice chat (:
Guuri & Jessihy's serious but not! conversations!

(expanding daily) will be updated regularly

Buy a mazda 3

Learn basic french `bon soir
Finish diploma of makeup artistry
Expand Business
Stay positive
Stay calm
Increase my mind & knowledge
Save, Save, Save & Save
oh did I forget to mention SAVE!

baby-bit stuff.
Stay super clean like my mum
Grow hair (try to keep extensions out.. try "keyword")
No more BS. *
Work my toosh off (:
Stay creative - dont hold back due to anyones opinion was my biggest downfall since 05`
Stay ORIGINAL (: -
Keep closer to the real ones

Do as much as I possibly can
- try something new every day

Life takes some big leaps some times but like me and kiki say
After the storm, There is ALWAYS a rainbow - ridin` that fucker all year!

Off to see evan after too long

Im glad my life is back to happiness, laughing, journeys & adventures -
that bad luck is gone;

(Bringing up this topic then slamming the fucker shut.`)

I really never knew what
HATE was until i met a very small minded, manipulating, double standarded` lying, fake, miserable & selfish individ.. Daniel Castrechini. First person to hate.
You used a real mate to get something that will fall apart soon enough.
Karma will attack the fuck out of you.
I hope you read this - and feel like the dog you are.
You will be toilet paper in your next life.

meep meep

good-night readers


Monday, January 10, 2011

Not a scar; just a minor scrape.

I still Believe - Everything happens for a reason.
Steps you walk, Actions you make.

Every bad agenda/drama/pain happens to teach you a lesson- sometimes its repetitive to clearly make its mark.

Your reactions are from experiences, the more experiences - the more you can control; or does it control you?
You grow stronger, only if you let yourself!

Maybe even letting someone treat you in such a bad way-
Ignoring it for so long & falling down the rabbit hole of black endless empty feelings- just to receive that tiny spark every 100 leap years.

Pretty Deep.

Waking up is the best part; Being so powerful from the endless pain you smile & push it all away.

Being strong isn't just a physically thing - its a mind power.
You need to work extreme for it; but once you got it.
It worth all the struggles & ETC.

Forget it
Don`t look back

Just a ihy thought.