Saturday, March 26, 2011



The day of relax.. Its always my day I plan my week, my microbyte goals, things I need to do etc.

But sometimes these plans cant be done. hmmm
That`s with life too - You sometimes want something so much & it becomes a scribble or even a puzzle... Do you sit there and grieve or just pick up try again or move on

I say - no matter how strong you are - there are some moments in life you fill like you failed.

That`s sounds a lil depressing but I was just thinking - I planned to do a few things in life but it didn`t go to that plan.. I`m just re-evaluating. (:
Sometimes it gets the best of me but only until I find a new game plan..

Head strong is not better than Heart strong- That`s my opinion, if my heart is weak or etc - everything seems harder to complete, establish.

Blah - yuck. Such an emotional creature. Cant change that & don`t think I would want to.

Crazy ihy is gone, well sort of.. fuck with anyone I love and I would hurt you 3xharder than karma would..
I still want to move .. Still weighing up PRO's & CON's - currently Con's are much stronger!
We will see next weekend if it pulls me back in...

Illuminati; is something that I have discovered, thanks to shmevich` - its a very interesting "theory" but I dont think any factual information had ever come out
I laughed at the area 51 convo - I think I hurt shmev's feelings-
I honestly believe its paranoid people with the foil on the windows who come up with this shizz`

(: Anyway off to igloo zoo; This yogurt bar on glenferrie road, Im somewhat addicted to it!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learn from the past, Learn everyday.

TRACK; Our own way - KLAAS

I have not written something in a while, Time to;

People come into your life for a reason to be there, to show you a lesson or ETC.
Sometimes its hard to find that reason hastily - either it is too late or presumptions were made. Mistakes are sometimes repetitive or(&) instincts sometimes are wrong..

Im feeling a bebe-bit disappointed to my 'jumping to conclusion'.. in recent times.
F-ing sucks!

Decisions have been made with less effort or thought.

lil dnm there.

ATM - I would not change a thing in my life, I think just tweeks is better (:

Wakeup call was needed.

Anyway - Im so sick; waah! Blaming 6am gym or Ian & Leanne!
Im looking forward to seeing my lil mia and SK niko (: always always always bring out the shine!
I think my head space is finally becoming back to IHY normality (: inspirational and positive once again..
I was angry for too long.

whatever jee`
(i havent said that in soo long)

40 winks
keep the peace

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you lying?

Evening readettes`

Topic Talk Time

A lie is a lie is a lie but a lie.


the telling of lies; untruthfulness.
telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; mendacious; false: a lying report.

So when someone lies is it-
a) Attention
b) Delusional
c) Mentally Unstable
d) For a specific reason (get there way or get something)
e) All of the above

I think it is; f) Your so incoherent, boasting shizz` & just down right FUCKIN` DUM!
A gf once told me a quote in italian; A lie has short legs, something like that - meaning it will fall over & you will nearly ALWAYS tell the truth - all my accident of-course & sometimes u dont realize.. but ofcourse always noticed.

I really believe - everyone has an instinct if someone is being "Untruthful" true?
Some choose not to go with there gut instinct - but I def do!
I just sense it when someone is being `deceitful` like I wanna say "ARE U SERIOUS"

Just got me thinking how many people lie daily, for satisfaction, benefits, to feel and look good!

Well ever seen Pinocchio?
Maybe watch it (:

Now I know why some peoples noses are so long!
Karma is a mean bitch - 3x3 square root it up!

(: 40 winks lovelettes`

lil bitch sesh

PS. Ash Wednesday ; NO MEAT! (:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exactly How it is.. right now

Believe Again (Tommy Trash REMIX)

Have you ever stared into the rain
Thought the clouds would never disappear
Have you ever screamed out into the dark
Thinking no one else could hear

I was leaving footprints tainted by my past
On this winding road to you

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight I believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now I feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and I believe
I believe again

Have you ever spun out of control
Like you never saw the road ahead
Have you ever just kept looking back
Ever closer to the edge

I was praying for the light I see in your eyes
I had all but given up

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight I believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now I feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and I believe
I believe again

I believe the impossible is possible to overcome
I believe in miracles
Born from love in everyone

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight I believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now I feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and I believe
I believe again


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sometimes they can be controlled & sometimes they most definitely can not be.
I went through some emo mofo bullshit of sensitive ihy for a baby-bit too long..
Didn't want be anywhere but in my big bed..
I have never been like that - Felt broken and all that jazz.

& I know what makes me happy is the inspiration to succeed and reach my goals.
What also inspires me is my lil fami -

Mia & Niko ; ♡

There is something about them, that just gives me this happy positive outlook on life & energy!
No-one else can do that for me..

I love deep and meaningful conversations with my family & friends also - The ones that genuinely feel like they can make a difference to our lives; What I mean is having the chat, gives you this power and you want to take on the world and all this mofo bull`

I learn`t to get up on my own two feet; even stronger than before - achieve the unthinkable and don`t stop at that!

Today was a re-evaluate day for ihy-
New strategies to focus on
& New opportunities comin` at me!

Leaving all the bullshit behind me
No more reminiscing about the naa naa
Looking into the future for whats coming next...

Biggy steps!

Something that picks me up, pushes me and inspires my ;
heart FEAT. mind
is photography & music - combined is just a miracle for me!

Some of my fave melodies`

Save Me (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix) - Shogun & Emma Lock

Runaway - Kayne West ; This guy has been given the worst rep - Original & Gifted - TRUE ARTIST!

Dog Days Are Over - Florence & The Machine

True Love Way - The Kings Of Leon

Can I Inspire?

cheeks, x
ihy (: