Thursday, February 17, 2011


So this was the day I would be excited to be finishing up with work & getting ready for the

W E E K E N D.

But now its just another day for me; How weird! Is it the shitty, drama stirrers, junkies, or shit places to go?
Not too sure but I would rather stay home with good company or do social activities they don`t need consumption of illicit substances..

I resigned from my position ; That was a hard choice!

New journeys
New goals
New inspirations

I was going to stay away from anything heart ETC related but when there is such a good opportunity like someone who ticks all those boxes - How can you resist..
Shit is what I say..

So this is just a random entry - nothing too major
This week - was disgusting
The hospital visits, Doctors, Specialists all of it- was so much stress, anxiety & pretty stressfull

So best news - Im soo much better! Not all there but nearly. baby bit longer!

The best thing - a momento of my adventurous week -

Its so beautiful.
Seriously YUCK!

So relax time this weekend
may see someone baby-bit spesh, see kirstyn for movie & dnm sesh & fishing (:

Have to show you all this V-LOG `shimmy cooco pufff
his hillarious
made me laugh (:
Laughing is the best
The link is :
ceebs waiting for it to upload

so yep (: i think thats it!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend; soak up the melbourne sun!
(: haha

Saturday, February 12, 2011

For the Loved Ones who have passed,

I Don't Like To Hurt But
But Everyone Gets Weak
Someone To Rely On
That's What I Really Need

Now Here We Stay

It's All That Were Worth
I've Been Thru The Pain And Been Dragged Thru
The Dirt Whatever They Tell You Were Bigger Than Words
I've Been Where Your Standing I Know How It Hurts
Let This Be A Song Now And This Be A Day
And We Stand Together That Will Be Okay
Because Were Survivors Were Making It Work
Expecting The Best When They Hope For The Worst

One love - This is the way we found

One love - Even though they'll let you down
One love - Nobody's perfect now
One love - Don't let that hold u down
One love - Let's stick together now
One love - We got to stand our ground
One love - It's easy to believe in.
ONELOVE - Feat. Estelle David Guetta

Lyrics could tell my life story.

I really didn`t know life could be so thrilling & drama-free as my life is right now!
The people I have now, these very rare amazing peeps.. Just feels amaze
The experiences - The challenges - The relationships
I have nothing to complain about but the baby-bit lady sooky stuf`

I now do believe if you surround yourself w/ negative shizz` & negative environments - it becomes apart of you & your existence!

(: Just on a bit of a calm happy buzz ATM..

This year has already been unforgettable already;
Being broken for the very first time.
Re-acquainting with dear friends,
Letting go of the past & all the bad it came with,
Awaiting the future -
Excited by it
My inspirations becoming reality
developing & building these beautiful relationships further
& Living life to the ultimate!
There is always going to be bad days.. but no more holding on them to effect me no more.
I let go & wont let it return.
Only time for myself this year, Still have a bad taste in my mouth.

Yesterday- was a bit emotional watching one of my very dearest amaze gf's wedding DVD
- seeing Kristina's Father who has passed away, one specific time seeing kiki and her tata - that moment will live with me forever in my heart.
- Remembering beautiful Chris Arnost - a song played at the reception ; Silence - was very emotional but I know his still rocking, slap the clap being his happy himself up there
R.I.P Mr Pepdjonovic & Chris Arnost
Cant say much more- I just wish the best for there whole familia; Health, Wealth, Strength, Wisdom, Care & Love!

* kiss the sky

Maybe spending couple days with my kiki has inspired me to write and express my emotions..
Some people just bring the best out in you - she is one of those individuals who has ALWAYS been there but as the right time we found a
F R I E N D S H I P.

(: puuu`

Fishing tonight- try the yob chicken on STkilda pier! (: It is definetly now my favourite activity!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its the start of something exciting..

I should be sleeping, tomorrow is one of those very important make or breaks days..
Pro's & Con's have been set.
Its the gut feeling you follow.. right? Not doubting myself, but I feel confused - boo!
I will write more publicly about the "situation" @ a further date..

Ok so me and kiki have become literally inseparable.. like i`m not joking when I use that word.
morning, brunch, lunch, afternoon evening & night - I seriously would not have it any other way!

So like... Where the fuck have you been all my life Kristina.
Yes yes I know we have been friends for.. 5 years.. but this friendship is something I have never had & always wanted.

Someone as bubbly, outgoing, super dooper & really see's life from my perspective.
Really understand each other.. without any-words or too many ahaha
The characteristics (:
She is my angel- She is my lil soul-friend (: my lil lovelette pitchkuu - My fisherman friend.
Really really really love her, Always have! But our bond is as strong as OLKA POLKA kicking ass in my kitchen rules (:

Everything happens for a reason - This time, That place, There!
Yob Chicken!

Some people take there friends & family for granted - FUCK YOU! Seriously cant wait to see who you end up with throughout your life.
I have respected every single person who has walked into my life(not including- obnoxious, racists, backstabbers, sluts or junkies. - I will treat you how you should be treated (: like your really baby-bit (:)- until they have either showed me they are not what they seem or are treating others differently..

Its true - If you can count your real friends; (means- who will always be there, never doubt you, support you, love who you are & feel that wushy wushy wush- make you happy and find strength for one another (: ) on one hand - your truly lucky..

This wasn`t my perception at all - Things have changed & I love this new thinking (:

P.S I miss my niece & nephew extremely- words cannot express how much they mean to me!