Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just because;

Mood; Satisfied, Energized & just a baby bit Sore.
Listening; Happiness - Alexis Jordan
Highlights; Yesterdays 24 hours!

I love waking, with no worries.

Yesterday was a fab day!
I saw my darling Kristina for the first time in forever! D&M was very necessary ; Speaking about the past few years- A boyfriend who became a husband, friends who became an enemy & all the pasts memoirs`

Also seeing Sally;
Someone I look up to & have for a long time. A beautiful, matured, well educated lady - she is caring, genuine & just A+ to be quite honest.
Always the best and honest advice/great friendship - Like I really love her!
She is someone everyone wished they had a friend like.

Our journey to the S.E - the anticipation to the 1000 steps. To be quite honest - I thought it would be easy shizz` - How I was wrong; Stopped I think about 10 times - up this Mountain!
800 metres to the base of the steps.. That hurt! The steps even worse! If it wasn`t for Sal
- No way! would have I completed it!
Next week - My goal is to complete it twice, & by May - as Sally has quoted "make it my bitch"

I had a very rad day on Saturday! Even the heart felt nice & mooshy. baby bit steps.


Bringing up Friends who just turn - always open a wound from the past for many.
I see it as ; If you let it effect you- they pretty much just won that moment in your life;
You live once.
But! Sometimes the scar is so deep its repercussions will always be remembered.
It seems the more you were connected, loved, ETC with this person - it hurts more (for some.)

I really use to be like this - let these negative, inadequate individuals "Effect" me.

What doesn`t kill you makes you stronger, now.

Maybe I been through so many shitty people, I am immune to reject them before its too late.

Something that really really frustrates me is ; Double Standards - Someone says something to you (e.g thats bad) & they end up doing it anyway.
if you don`t like someone, or sit there repeatedly saying how bad they are for you - & then your whole life revolves around them - WTF?

I`m not preaching that I`m some perfect person- nothing f-ing close, everyone makes mistakes-
but maybe once you have made it- dont do it again? Just maybe?

I use to HATE change; and now its my besty - discovering myself, receiving positive criticism from my loved ones and making my life better is all I want.

I did let go of a few friends, acquaintances in my life who were ; fun, made me laugh, always a good times - but not because they are bad people, but for there actions towards maybe not me but others and there actions - People change & sometimes its not right no more.

I still really believe ;
Everything happens for a reason.

I am a happy person, sometimes a baby bit emotional - but feeling more stable now-
I know what I want to achieve.
I know what I am going to be.
I know Who I am.
No more effects, defects and negative, well anything that makes me loose concentration.

Everything in my past has made me what I am today.
Good, Bad & Ugly.

Aint` nothing going to break my MOFO stride.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

21st of January; inspired by Ange x,


Free Smileys


(It looks alot darker in the photo) will take more in time..

Just spoke to a dear old friend;
who somewhat made me realise more about life

I love those talks - that inspire you to do things, even just smile..

Ange - Thank-you
Just a baby-bit of a cut,copy,paste conversation

[Mc Kantouchdis]
[Mc Kantouchdis]
and always be positive,talk about people in a positive way
and if u dont have something nice to say
dont say it unless u really need to
dont waste ur time effort on ur enimies
they always want somekind of attention
always bethe BETTER PERSON
im still speechless
i have no idea what to say
but yes yes yes
[Mc Kantouchdis]
and you will feel great, you will draw in happiness
Because only you can make yourself happy....
like i said never reply on other people
for anything

Thats a friend, who will pick you up - when your in gutter, they will lay with you and show you the stars

Thank-you again Ange

In this world; a lot is taken advantage of.
Don`t do something if ONLY there is something in it for you; be human do it- just because..

This week

2 NEW INK to the family ; 11 11 & Jessihy

Business Cards

Contemplating (my first) Brand-new meep meep

My 26th January Wednesday (maybe Thursday) detox - Very Scary;
Dislike my nutritionist, but for last week i love u but this week il see

Save Save Save

See as many of my devoted loving adoring beautiful friends.
Plans w. sally, nate, cory, tara, kiki, ange & abi - i will NOT break them

Last week
Was a learning, discovering, refreshing week

I saw MR Evan - he seems to always brighten my day- his a good night-light. Always will be

Found myself in lovelette conversations w. Ivan - always nice; such a Gentleman

Realized My Mother really did feel my pain & also my anger- I think she was angrier - Thanks mamma x mybestfriend

& also Found myself again.. nearly nearly -

I`m going to make my dreams, reality.

Someone I miss immensley;
MIA - boo! Your the best! I hope you read this when your old enough (:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 & TO-DO

Mood- Muscle strain but energized (:
Listening- The Kings of Leon - The Bucket
Todays Highlights - ZUMBA
3 way convo w/ step dad & mamma nice chat (:
Guuri & Jessihy's serious but not! conversations!

(expanding daily) will be updated regularly

Buy a mazda 3

Learn basic french `bon soir
Finish diploma of makeup artistry
Expand Business
Stay positive
Stay calm
Increase my mind & knowledge
Save, Save, Save & Save
oh did I forget to mention SAVE!

baby-bit stuff.
Stay super clean like my mum
Grow hair (try to keep extensions out.. try "keyword")
No more BS. *
Work my toosh off (:
Stay creative - dont hold back due to anyones opinion was my biggest downfall since 05`
Stay ORIGINAL (: -
Keep closer to the real ones

Do as much as I possibly can
- try something new every day

Life takes some big leaps some times but like me and kiki say
After the storm, There is ALWAYS a rainbow - ridin` that fucker all year!

Off to see evan after too long

Im glad my life is back to happiness, laughing, journeys & adventures -
that bad luck is gone;

(Bringing up this topic then slamming the fucker shut.`)

I really never knew what
HATE was until i met a very small minded, manipulating, double standarded` lying, fake, miserable & selfish individ.. Daniel Castrechini. First person to hate.
You used a real mate to get something that will fall apart soon enough.
Karma will attack the fuck out of you.
I hope you read this - and feel like the dog you are.
You will be toilet paper in your next life.

meep meep

good-night readers


Monday, January 10, 2011

Not a scar; just a minor scrape.

I still Believe - Everything happens for a reason.
Steps you walk, Actions you make.

Every bad agenda/drama/pain happens to teach you a lesson- sometimes its repetitive to clearly make its mark.

Your reactions are from experiences, the more experiences - the more you can control; or does it control you?
You grow stronger, only if you let yourself!

Maybe even letting someone treat you in such a bad way-
Ignoring it for so long & falling down the rabbit hole of black endless empty feelings- just to receive that tiny spark every 100 leap years.

Pretty Deep.

Waking up is the best part; Being so powerful from the endless pain you smile & push it all away.

Being strong isn't just a physically thing - its a mind power.
You need to work extreme for it; but once you got it.
It worth all the struggles & ETC.

Forget it
Don`t look back

Just a ihy thought.