Thursday, April 28, 2011

ihy fix.

Tonight; was fabou`

Thoughts, always new thoughts

- great smiles made me extremely happy Tonight, seeing one of my bestfr smile like that; honestly don`t think I have ever seen him smile like that..
How good is it to see someone you Love be so smitten or etc.

Thats just tonights lil wooo wooo

When was my last post... Been Lazy.

What have I been up to.

Usual work,
Went to my fave VIC escape- Lakes Entrance ; I am inlove with that place!
- I have turned into such a boy... Fishing, Sports .. its pretty funny as im known for my craze makeup collections, extreme eyelash's, clothing investments.. (: Nice change it is

Caught some nice fish.. but I actually shit myself- hence the reason I snapped a rod trying to "check it" yeah.. in the shop.. hence the reason I wouldnt reel in a big mofo

Ps never ever ever going fishing with girls again.. Yes I know I'm a chick - BUT Im too impatient to wait for makeup, hair, fuck arounds. I think I got my karma to what I did to someone else.. lol Won 1800 by literal fluke!

Overall otay trip, Next time stay with the boys.

My lil sidekick Nephew came to chill with ciocia ihy; Ofcourse he got spoilt to the shizz- 12 packets of footy cards is apparently overboard.. I dont think so..

Went to his first rugby game- so cute, but he was head doing - lil kids (: but how I love him immense..
Fam day at Luna Park - with my miiiiaaaa! her lil pony tail curly hair.. how i squish her face (: she is actually the cutest thing I have EVER SEEN! her lil jump skip run... cmon.. i squeal..
Funniest mom of the day- mia playing, She clenches her teeth and punches her bro in the face. Me and Pop couldnt stop laughing! ` too much WWE

So yeah- love the crazy fuckin fam!

also not to forget
Alot of shopping. Way way too much.
Banning myself from netshop literally have lost the plot.

EXCITED FOR ... me and shmev's getaway in 29 DAYS. Not telling where (:
he he Lets just see how long I can keep it a secret...

So tonight I was thinking about friendships- You always have those fave people you get excited to see..
These peeps are my bestfriends..
The ones that really matter..
Last year had some massive deeps with someone who will always be someone that no-one can ever replace.
I havent really spoken about this before.. I dont know if I really should.. hm
He changed me for the better and worse.. Cant always win them all..
Never met anyone so remarkable in my life - I could sit and talk and talk and talk about every lil thread in my life vice versa.
I actually know its irreplaceable that bond that was made.
Yes going away, something finally gave me closure from the exhausting head fuck I put myself in.
It was what it was and thats all folks.

Friendships, Relationships have been lost and will never be replaced but keep the memories and the smile on your face.
Negative will only keep you from stepping into something else..

Tonight - made me realize who my time should be spent with- People who make you feel better, try and make you a better person, Make you the person you want to be- "ihy fix" When people say that to me its like saying to someone who likes to be told how amaze they look !

Anyway- I should be sleeping

Wrote down what I may should have not wrote.. but 40 WINKS.

My bestfriend is preggo's
I am so excited for her, am really FUCKING over the negativity placed on it and and very very VERY protective of her.. so if anything else is said- I will make sure I effect you as badly as you effected my lil poss!
(: Yeah boy!

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