Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have been so slack with this blog- currently.
I apologize for the individuals who are reading and
PS. thank you, thank you & thank you for doing so!

Busy week- I have started a very serious relationship with my job, Who would of thought Miss ihy would be the kind! Well shit has changed for the best - Yes sir!

I have my game plan for the forth coming week and how to make it my BITCH
Also spending decreased
then went a bit crazy this week
? woops. ihy will be ihy.

Swarovski necklace - LOVE
Chanel perfume & earrings
T&CO necklace
Bardot camel cardi, leopard flats, pinstripe shirt
Stussy Tee, 55 Tee
Minkpink leopard ruff dress
& moroc oil - GET ON IT!
-The pink block is my massage table (: imported from NSW (:

Did not blow budget. pffft thats SHIZZ!

I think, my mood is "penetrating" through this submission - kinda random, content & jen happy.

Today`s thoughts were on someone spesh (always will be no matter what). hmmm - Have not felt or even thought of them in a very very very long time.
I think my heart is playing some maze, hide and seek or maybe SNAP!

Speaking to my beautiful dear doll; Sally - is always, well not only amaze, but realistic.
She was there from start to that terra end. Well what was said was so true. Nothing will ever be like that once again- just different in its own fabou` way

On the subject of Sally ;
she is one girl - who not only deserves the ultimate but everything she desires and dreams!
I love her immense!
Yes - she has shown me a-lot in life and I hope one day I can repay the favor of her well-doing and amazing friendship over the last 4 YEARS.

Lil loveheart sesh there (:

Goals for this week;
Actually get up every morning and be at gym by 6am
Save.. no more puckle st on lunch break
No more purchases on ITUNES. d/l music from youtube (:
Make more effort for the people who deserve it and less for the one's who DONT.
See Mia & Niko to deliver there easter presents and just see Mia (:
Go to the rugby and try not to let a lil bit come out... jd you understand (:
Remain Calm (: well try not to JUMP THE GUN (: - try is the keyword.

Right now; I wouldnt change anything.
Everything happens for a reason
Never persisting for anything no more.


(: for once

Signing off dolls, x
Pleasent Saturday