Saturday, March 26, 2011



The day of relax.. Its always my day I plan my week, my microbyte goals, things I need to do etc.

But sometimes these plans cant be done. hmmm
That`s with life too - You sometimes want something so much & it becomes a scribble or even a puzzle... Do you sit there and grieve or just pick up try again or move on

I say - no matter how strong you are - there are some moments in life you fill like you failed.

That`s sounds a lil depressing but I was just thinking - I planned to do a few things in life but it didn`t go to that plan.. I`m just re-evaluating. (:
Sometimes it gets the best of me but only until I find a new game plan..

Head strong is not better than Heart strong- That`s my opinion, if my heart is weak or etc - everything seems harder to complete, establish.

Blah - yuck. Such an emotional creature. Cant change that & don`t think I would want to.

Crazy ihy is gone, well sort of.. fuck with anyone I love and I would hurt you 3xharder than karma would..
I still want to move .. Still weighing up PRO's & CON's - currently Con's are much stronger!
We will see next weekend if it pulls me back in...

Illuminati; is something that I have discovered, thanks to shmevich` - its a very interesting "theory" but I dont think any factual information had ever come out
I laughed at the area 51 convo - I think I hurt shmev's feelings-
I honestly believe its paranoid people with the foil on the windows who come up with this shizz`

(: Anyway off to igloo zoo; This yogurt bar on glenferrie road, Im somewhat addicted to it!


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