Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learn from the past, Learn everyday.

TRACK; Our own way - KLAAS

I have not written something in a while, Time to;

People come into your life for a reason to be there, to show you a lesson or ETC.
Sometimes its hard to find that reason hastily - either it is too late or presumptions were made. Mistakes are sometimes repetitive or(&) instincts sometimes are wrong..

Im feeling a bebe-bit disappointed to my 'jumping to conclusion'.. in recent times.
F-ing sucks!

Decisions have been made with less effort or thought.

lil dnm there.

ATM - I would not change a thing in my life, I think just tweeks is better (:

Wakeup call was needed.

Anyway - Im so sick; waah! Blaming 6am gym or Ian & Leanne!
Im looking forward to seeing my lil mia and SK niko (: always always always bring out the shine!
I think my head space is finally becoming back to IHY normality (: inspirational and positive once again..
I was angry for too long.

whatever jee`
(i havent said that in soo long)

40 winks
keep the peace

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