Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you lying?

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A lie is a lie is a lie but a lie.


the telling of lies; untruthfulness.
telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; mendacious; false: a lying report.

So when someone lies is it-
a) Attention
b) Delusional
c) Mentally Unstable
d) For a specific reason (get there way or get something)
e) All of the above

I think it is; f) Your so incoherent, boasting shizz` & just down right FUCKIN` DUM!
A gf once told me a quote in italian; A lie has short legs, something like that - meaning it will fall over & you will nearly ALWAYS tell the truth - all my accident of-course & sometimes u dont realize.. but ofcourse always noticed.

I really believe - everyone has an instinct if someone is being "Untruthful" true?
Some choose not to go with there gut instinct - but I def do!
I just sense it when someone is being `deceitful` like I wanna say "ARE U SERIOUS"

Just got me thinking how many people lie daily, for satisfaction, benefits, to feel and look good!

Well ever seen Pinocchio?
Maybe watch it (:

Now I know why some peoples noses are so long!
Karma is a mean bitch - 3x3 square root it up!

(: 40 winks lovelettes`

lil bitch sesh

PS. Ash Wednesday ; NO MEAT! (:

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